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Baby Massage: Touch, Learn, Love

The Baby Massage Company is run by mother of two Kate Warren and is based in South Manchester and Cheshire.  Kate, through her extensive training and first hand experience as a mum who knows the benefits of baby massage, aims to show parents the calming effect of baby massage in helping to form an important bond between you and your baby as well as allowing parents to feel confident in the support and development of their baby.

soothe your baby with baby massageThe Baby Massage Company run a series of sessions throughout various venues as well as one to one private sessions in the comfort of your home.  The classes are informal and very much centered around a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Babies can be unpredictable so each class is led and based on the babies moods – if your little one is asleep or doesn’t want to massage one week then don’t worry, you can either use one of our demonstration dolls available or simply sit back, relax and observe the class as there will be plenty of time to practice when your baby is ready.

Massaging your baby is beneficial on many levels including relaxing you and your baby, helping to reduce crying while allowing both mums and dads to form a bond with their baby through touch and stimulation.  Baby massage is fun, easy and a great way for you and your baby to meet new parents and little ones at the same time.

Through the website you can find out about a typical 5 week course, the benefits of baby massage for you and your infant and even book your session using the contact form.

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Who Am I?

  • I am Kate Warren an IAIM qualified baby massage instructor based in Cheshire. Welcome to my website where you can learn about the amazing benefits of baby massage for you and your little one.